Machinista - The Remixes (Digital wav.format/mp3) + signed postcard (limited edition).

On the postcard there will be a uniqe code which gives you acess to download the songs + cover-art.

1 Take comfort in being sad (Judas Remix)
2 Molecules and Carbon (IIOIOIOII Remix)
3 Molecules and Carbon (Spacebuoy Glam Dance Mix)
4 Molecules And Carbon (SwedIt Remix)
5 Molecules_and_Carbon (Erotic_Elk_Crawley_Remix)
6 Molecules_and_Carbon (Erotic_Elk_Hacienda_Remix)
7 Salvation (Mostly Harmless remix by Vogon Poetry)
8 Salvation (u-link remix)
9 Pushing the angels astray (Procedures Clipped Wings Mix)
10 Pushing the angels astray (JADEaD remix)
11 Crash (Judas Remix)
12 The Blues And The Reds (Lorentz Creutzt.a.o.t.c Remix)
13 All apologies (Nirvana-cover)
14 Season cruising (previously unreleased)

Price: 4 euro + shipping cost

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