Machinista - swedish dark electronic pop music

Band members:
John Lindqwister - vocals, lyrics
(other bands: Cat Rapes Dog, Basswood Dollies, Elektrodepartementet + more)

Richard Flow - music, mixing
(other bands: Vision Talk, Haze For Sale + more.)

Live lineup:
John Lindqwister - vocals
Richard Flow - synthesizers, machines
BRD - guitar
DNTR - drums

Past live members:
Judas - guitar (2014 - 2015)


In december 2012 John and Richard decided to try out a new fresh project beside their other bands.
The first recording was the cover-version of David Bowie´s "Heroes", and the band also did a video for the song.
The feedback was good from the start and Machinista decided to record more songs.

"Molecules And Carbon" was next in line and followed the same procedure with a video as well.
Both magazines and radio-shows within the synth/EBM/alternative-scene started to
encourage and the band started to drew attention on social media.

The autumn of 2013 the band signed with the english label Juggernaut Media Group.
At this time Machinista had recorded more songs and the first release was
the EP "Arizona Lights".
With great feedback and reviews the band also started to play live.
The first gig ever was at the swedish cult-festival Emmabodafestivalen.

Also, the band started to appear on several compilation-albums.

Machinista release the debut-album "Xenoglossy".
With songs like "Salvation", Pushing The Angels Astray, Take Comfort In Being Sad"
Xenoglossy recived great reviews and in some synthpop-magazines
awarded as the best album/best newcomer 2014.
On the live-scene the band plays outside Sweden for the first time in
countrys such as UK, Italy and Norway.

Machinista also records a cover-version of "Walking On Volcanos"
for a Leatherstrip tribute-album.

A busy and important year for Machinista.
The bands signs a deal with the UK based label Analoguetrash Records
and release the album "Garmonbozia".
With a darker sound and more elements into the music like guitars here and there
the reviews are even better than "Xenoglossy".
AnalogueTrash also re-release "Xenoglossy" as a double album with remixes.

With a growing fan-base the band starts to play a lot more live
and also do a small tour in Germany.
The guitarist "Judas" joins the band on stage to add more energy to the live-music.

Machinista also participate on two tribute albums with:
"No Shuffle", by Front 242 and "I Can´t Feel "you" by Camouflage.

Machinista goes into the studio and start to write songs for their third album.
Alongside with this, the band keeps on playing live as well as participate on tribute albums
to bands like Apoptygma Berzerk and Pet Shop Boys.
"Judas" is replaced on live-guitar by the mystical "BRD" and plays on big festivals like
Wave Gotik Treffen and Dark Storm Festival.

At the end of 2016 the Machinista leaves AnalogueTrash Records for
the german label Infacted Recordings.
The band had a great stay at AnalogueTrash but decides to focus more on Germany.
As a bridge between the labels 2 singles is released.
"Pain Of Every Day" (also released on cassette) - AnalogueTrash Records.
"Seconds Minutes Hours" - Infacted Recordings.

The tradition with tribute albums goes on and this time "City Of Night"
by Rational Youth is recorded for a vinyl release.

Machinista goes on with the live-shows as well as the studio-work with the third album "Anthropocene".
The drummer "DNTR" joins the the band on stage to spice things up even more.

Two tribute-album participations this year:
"Bang Bang" by Shanghai.
"Strangelove" by Depeche Mode.
On Strangelove DNTR was invited to work on the music.

In september the band released the digital-single "Let darkness in" to push even more for the
upcoming album. On This song Dirk Scheuber (Scheuber, Project Pitchfork) was invited for guest-vocals.

To be continued...

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